About Us

“Integrate your business decisions with ZAY Strategy, walk safely in Turkey…”

As ZAY Strategy, we are a business strategy consultancy firm with public domain affairs expertise.

It is a discipline that brings together public affairs, relations with government agencies, relations with media institutions, crisis and issue management, corporate social responsibility, intelligence management and strategic communication. Public sphere institutions perform their duties together to influence public sphere policies, strengthen corporate reputation and establish effective relations with stakeholders within the framework of participatory democracy for the companies they serve.

As ZAY Strategy, we provide strategic communication support to companies and business organizations, government, media, business world and NGOs and provide tactical input for business and investment processes.

We manage corporate reputation by facilitating the public-sphere business and relations of companies in the Republic of Turkey and the European Union.

As a member of SEAP “European Union Public Relations Professionals Community”, we offer our services in accordance with the SEAP attitude and behavior rules.

We are an organization registered in the “EU Transparency Register” program, which is carried out together with the European Parliament and the EU Commission.

We provide services to companies and business organizations in 5 main areas.

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