Anadolu Group Sustainable Development Goals Compliance Report 2015-2019

Anadolu Group Sustainable Development Goals Compliance Report 2015-2019

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, beyond being just a goal for humanity, appear as warnings that can have devastating consequences for humanity if we fail to achieve these goals. Nowadays, with the Covid-19 pandemic, which corresponds to the sub-target of the Goals “Combating Communicable Diseases”, only one Together, we witness how our deficiencies in a sub-target can affect our entire lives. While the pandemic process shows the imbalance of shopping in its relationship with the environment to all humanity in terms of its causes and consequences, it also makes us question what other concepts that environmental problems can compare us to in the future that we do not know today.

Since our world entered the 2000s, the accelerated development and change experienced in almost every field brings with it an important and mandatory increase in awareness about sustainability. As humanity, we are experiencing a great change in economic and social areas, while increasing our sensitivity on environmental issues. While the steps we have taken to solve environmental problems, especially climate, give us hope, we are also aware that we have to proceed much faster in this regard.

What happened with the pandemic in 2020 showed us much more clearly how we have an inseparable relationship with the environment. Throughout the year, we have all re-examined our understanding of work and efforts in all areas, and focused on the necessary improvements in our ways of working.

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