President’s Message

President's Message

Founded in 2017, ZAY Strategy has made significant progress in the field of strategic communication, which has just begun to gain institutional depth in our country.

Being among the leading institutions of the sector, ZAY adopted a unique business model that incorporates the ethical rules accumulated by the sector in the last century and the characteristics of the local culture. Thus, today, ZAY Strategy successfully provides consultancy services in the field of Strategic Communication to our national and global companies operating in various sectors in Turkey.

As ZAY Strategy, we have had the opportunity to learn and develop with our companies, primarily through the services we offer to our customers in the areas of effective communication with the government, crisis management, and improvement of sector regulations. Our performance in business-diplomacy brought ZAY to its unique position in the field of Strategic Communication.
In the next 10 years, with a vision encompassing the values of 21st century such as climate change, corporate governance principles, the changing role of the state and digital transformation, ZAY Strateji will continue its efforts of being a pioneer and exemplary company in the field of Strategic Communication.

Founder & President

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